Our Work

We create tableware that is hand crafted to perfection from the finest Irish linen, telling stories through contemporary designs and traditional embroidery techniques, and appreciated for its quality and timelessness. We take a luxurious and elegant approach to table dressing, enhancing the dinner setting with beautifully decorated, distinctly Irish pieces. Our collections celebrate Irish tradition and comprise of table runners, placemats, napkins and home accessories including cushions, framed pieces and aprons.

Our Designs

Each and every design is meticulously hand-drawn and embroidered, and each one tells a unique story. Greg draws inspiration daily from Ireland’s natural beauty, rich culture and design heritage. The ranges are inspired by Celtic art, mythology and personalities in Irish folklore. Old stories come alive through the designs such as Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge. Alongside the traditional Celtic inspired collections, Greg has designed more contemporary range including the Wild and Fusion collections.

We also offer a fully personalised service to our customers and enjoy working one-to-one to design beautifully monogrammed sets to more detailed one-off pieces.

Made in Ireland

We are proud to say that our product range is Irish made. We produce our collections and make everything in our studio on Bow Street in Smithfield, Dublin. Ireland has a strong heritage of Irish linen and craft. We source the highest quality linen from Ireland’s best weavers, who have refined their craft and skill through many generations over the last 160 years. The linen used has a natural beauty of its own, giving the fabric its organic feel, character and charming qualities.

We believe in producing quality products and timeless designs. The linen is machine washable and wearable which will last for decades, and age beautifully. We hope that our pieces become special keepsakes which can be passed down to generations to come.